I.T. is a Necessity, Not a Luxury Isn’t that what all of this comes down to? Necessity vs Luxury. A necessity is something like your systems being updated on a regular basis. A luxury is having a 27” monitor on your desktop so you can play games better. A necessity is having a backup of your system..and testing it.  A luxury would be to have a brand new desktop every 6 months because you want to. Cyber Consulting will help you understand what a necessity is and what a luxury is. Outdated and unpatched systems can cost you business but should you replace them? Maybe you should move to the cloud? Maybe you need to do less than you think? Leave it to our experience and expertise in small business operations to determine those things for you. We are good at it. Cyber Consulting is a necessity if you want to make sure you make the right technology decisions. Like I said. It is easy. Just click right here and we will come out to see you.
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A Simple Approach to Technology Cyber Consulting takes the simple approach of Making I.T. Right! So how does your systems work? Are you getting everything you can out of them or are you constantly fixing them? Are you spending thousands on I.T. and you are not sure why? If you are not sure what you are getting out of your current system or even getting out of your provider then you are my ideal customer. Here is our process. We will come on site to take a look at what you have in place and discuss things you would like to change. We will be honest and straightforward about what we see and things that need to be addressed. We will give you an estimate of how much that would cost and how much time that will take and then meet that estimate. The result will be your systems running like they should and you feeling much better because we explained the whats, whys and hows. Here is the added bonus. You will actually understand what we are talking about. That is our promise. We forbid techno babble! The process is very easy to get started. You contact us by clicking right here to set up the initial appointment. Who knows. You may even get a free lunch out of it if you ask :)
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