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Small Business Cyber Protection
Your Business needs Your Data Business revolves around How are you protecting your data today? Many small businesses do not think about that question until it is to late. Could your business suffer a loss of data? Lets just say that tomorrow you get to your business. The building and everything is exactly as you left it with one exception. A system failure has corrupted all of your data. How long would it take for you to get your business running? Financials, Confidential information, customers, email, payroll or worse. Here is one statistic (among many). 94% of companies suffering from catastrophic data loss do not survive.  43% never reopen and 51% close within 2 years.  (University of Texas) So what puts your company at risk? Hackers? Hardware Failures? Employees? Viruses?  Natural Disaster?  The answer is Hardware Failures account for 40% of data loss (2011 Pepperdine University Study). So reading those scary statistics, how do you protect your company?  Testing, planning and implementing a Business Continuity strategy. The “It will never happen to me” attitude I have personally seen take out companies. Can you afford not to plan? That depends. Can you afford to start over?
Threats Today The threats to a small business and it’s data are continually growing. Constant threats are around us every day. Hackers trying to steal information. Viruses trying to take your system down. Insider threats like employees trying to sell YOUR secrets to the highest bidder. The list goes on and on. Can you stop them? Probably not 100% so you have to minimize the impact and have a plan? So if you find one of these things threatening your business how would you handle it? Do you know what to do, who to contact and how to react? In most cases you are trying to just run the business each day much less worry about disaster recovery. We understand that and want to help. Piece of mind that if something bad happens you have a plan. You know you can survive the day to continue the business. We have the expertise in identifying your major threats and calculating how much risk you have. With that information you can put your money in the right place to reduce your exposure.
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